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Speech Therapy for Kids with a Click and Computer

When Judah Sossin, 5, goes to speech therapy, he walks to the family computer outfitted with a $25 camera. His mom accesses an email with a log-in password, clicks on it, and his therapist appears on the top right of the screen.

“The first time, I watched,” recalled Samantha Sossin of Hollywood. But now Judah will tell her, “OK, Mom. Goodbye.”

Sossin said she knew Judah had some articulation issues with his L’s, R’s and W’s, and they had a consultation two or three months ago with Avivit Ben-Aharon, founder and clinical director of the first telespeech clinic in South Florida. Sossin asked if they could wait until summer to start, and she got some “exercises we could try at home.”

Read more at Miami Herald

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