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  • Matthew Smith

Who We've Helped

LA Speech Guy has helped many local schools like Los Angeles Unified School District, Green Dot Charter School District, Little Lake School District, Torrance Unified School District, Rosemead School District, John Thomas Dye School, Monrovia School District, El Monte Union High School District and Montebello Unified School District, provide therapy services. We have also collaborated with Educational Consultants, as well as, a few private local schools, Willows Community School, Center for Early Education, Turning Point, and Sony Pictures Preschool. Many children and youth with diverse learning needs can and should be educated within the regular education classroom. This setting is appropriate for some, but not all, students with learning disabilities.

More than 90% of students with learning disabilities are taught in regular education classrooms for some part of their school day. When provided appropriate support within this setting, many of these students can achieve academically and develop positive self-esteem and social skills. The regular education classroom is one of many educational program options but is not a substitute for the full continuum necessary to assure the provision of an appropriate education for all students with learning disabilities.

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